Medical Guidance

  • Mitigate and counsel local and outstation patients/attendants for medical process, lodging and boarding issues. Counseling patients and their attendants.
  • Rehabilitate cancer ‘cured’ and last stage patients by guidance of counseling and alternative (ozone, black molasses) therapy of cancer.
  • Conduct Cancer detection camps to create early detection and prevention for the dreaded disease.
  • Blood donation: Conduct Blood Donation Camps.
  • Public awareness campaign: Runs many public awareness campaigns.
  • Alternate therapy: Guidance for alternative therapy of cancer in hospital cases.
  • Spread awareness of eye, skin, organ and body donation after death for saving crucial lives and vital medical research and felicitate families doing this noble cause.

Medical Treatments

  • Medicine distribution: Arrangement of free or subsidized rate medicines to patients.
  • Ozone therapy: Provide free ozone therapy services.
  • Usotomy / Colostomy bag: Provide Usotomy / Colostomy bags to patients.
  • Rehabilitation: Provide Rehabilitation of cured patients.
  • Ambulance service: Running ambulance service.
  • Drug bank: Arrangement of free or subsidized rate medicines to patients.
  • Artificial hands and legs: Free prosthesis of artificial foot, hand, etc. in computation cases.
  • Hearing aid: Provide hearing aids to needy patients.
  • Homeopathy: Running of homeopathy and allopathy clinic at subsidized rates.
  • Charitable dispensary: Provide low cost dispensary services.
  • Black molaysis: Distribution of wheelchairs, clutches, calipers, black molasses etc.
  • Provide hearing aids, gadgets, artificial limbs to needy patients.
  • Distribution of wheelchairs, clutches, calipers, and other post operative equipment’s to patients and disabled people.
  • Run a blood collection centre for a reputed pathological lab.

Allied Services

  • Provide free/subsidized lunch & dinner to 600 patients at Parel, J.J Hospital and Wadia Hospital respectively.
  • Haldi – Dudh yojanaa: Free milk distribution twice in a day under the Haldi Doodh scheme.
  • Grain distribution: Free distribution of food grains 2 times every months to cancer patients.
  • Collection of old newspapers, old clothes and discarded surplus household collected from donors which are redistributed to the needy. Balance scrap is sold for generating funds for procuring expensive medicines for cancer patients.
  • Entertainment: One day picnics for entertainment of cancer patients.
  • Toy bank: Toy Bank for cancer affected children.
  • Library: Provide free library service.
  • Water stations: Provide free drinking water and implement aqua guard filters at various places.
  • Plantation
  • Winding sheet and Burial: Arrangement for burial, cremation etc for unclaimed dead bodies, cancer patients and others.
  • Jeevan path: Publication of 15,000 copies of monthly ‘Jeevanpath’ magazine for awareness & appeal for support of poor and needy cancer patients. Jeevanpath magazine is being published every month to highlight our activities and thank our donors; magazine is published in Gujarat, Hindi and English languages.
  • Save birds campaign: Free medical care for affected, sick and ill creatures.
  • Free provision of green grass to weak and affected cows.
  • Every year 20 to 25 trucks of hay are distributed.
  • Provide food to pigeon at various kabutar khanas (pigeon homes) and Rs 5000/- are being used for medical expenses towards pigeon alone. Inmates are provided with chapatti, grams, milk, biscuits, grass etc at Sakarbai (Bhelghoda) Hospital.
  • Animal Welfare (Jiv daya)
  • Rescue of injured stray animals and birds and distribute fodder, roti , milk and medicine for these animals.
  • Regular distribution of trusts sweets in various hospitals for poor patients.
  • Free distribution of food grains every 2 months to cancer patients.
  • Free distribution of used clothes and utensils to needy patients.
  • Anukampa daan: Free distribution of used clothes and utensils to needy patients.
  • Wigs of real & synthetic hair ar given to those patients who have lost hair during treatment.
    These are given free to patients.
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