Featured Projects

Hospital cum Rehabilitation Center based on principals of Jainism which would include :

  • Mobile vans for preventive & early detection cancer
  • Rest House/Accommodation for not affording outstation cancer patients
  • Senior citizen home, Orphanage
  • Charitable pharmacy, dialysis centre, pathological and imaging diagnostic, Rehabilitation centre
  • Animal wing, Clinics for injured birds and animals
  • Awareness camps for Cancer, HIV
  • Organic nutritional drink/food for cancer patients
  • Day Care
  • Yoga, meditation hall, recreational garden
  • Vocational Guidance to school children & special permission for SSC Board exams for cancer children patients

Old Age Home:

Jeevan Jyot decided to take the cause of the old and deprived elderly homeless & ill people. To alleviate the sufferings and bring dignity and succor to some of these elders, the Trust has opened a destitute home in Mumbai. The home provides shelter, food, medical care, clothing and all necessities for sustaining a decent dignified life.

The objectives is that in the sunset years of their lives, they can once again learn to laugh and sing and live together as a family all absolutely FREE”.

Home are adorned by all medical equipment and nursing care by nurses trained in Geriatrics, doctor’s on call, physiotherapy.

Providing shelter, the program aims to support senior citizens and help with their emotional and physical challenges.

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