Hospice Project – Sangli

For Sangli Project :


A place of hope for patients undergoing treatment for Cancer. Our support gives them chance of fighting illness.

Ever patient suffering from cancer , irrespective of economic status, deserves to get the chance of surviving the disease & leading a full, healthy, happy life. JJCRCT provides this chance through its well planned model, care during the period of the patients.

Adding life to days, not days to life.

                                     A home for terminally ill patients.

     A Hospice                                                       A Terminally Ill Patients                                   An NGO

 An institution takes care of  advanced       Someone who has exhausted all                Non Governmen

Terminally ill cancer patients &                    avenues of medical treatment for             Organisation, run

Patients suffering from dreadful                  the disease and for whom there is           by a charitable

Disease. It is neither hospital nor a             no possible cure.                                          Trust.

Home. It is both offering the care                                                                                       JEevan Aadhar is

 & Love.                                                                                                                                             Place for all caste     

                                                                                                                                                                 and religious.

                                               OUR BENEFICIARIES:

Every underprivileged family from rural or other part of city, state or district bring their patient diagnosed with cancer or any other dreadful disease. The filth and squator leaves the child vulnerable to secondary  infections, the parents don’t have place for meals, no toilets, no bathing facilities they can use.

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Jeevan Aadhar is first hospice in Western Maharashtra, an Institution that takes care of the advanced terminally ill cancer patients  and patients suffering with dreadful disease. Offering the specialised care of a hospital together with care and love of a home.

Jeevan means “LIFE” and Aadhar signifies “SUPPORT”.

                                                                               OUR AIMS

Rectangle: Rounded Corners: Logo/ design
Rectangle: Rounded Corners: Logo/ Design
Rectangle: Rounded Corners: Logo/ Design
Rectangle: Rounded Corners: Logo/ Design

           TO CARE                                               TO OFFER                                       TO GIVE                              TO PROVIDE

For the advanced & terminally           Care to all who need it,         Preference to the poor          Care FREE OF

ill patients and cancer patients.         Irrespective of community           and needy.                        COST OR AT

                                                                        caste or creed.                                                                                 NOMINAL COST

        Centre Facilities:

Having a patient or child diagnosed with cancer is one of the most traumatic events that can happen to a family and cause a significant emotional and financial burden. Jeevan Aadhar provides a care model that looks after every need of the patients, child patients and their patients.

  • Safe & Hygienic stay
  • Recreation
  • Counselling for children and parents, patients and relatives.
  • Diagnostic centre